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GBD090 Air Dragon

GBD090 Air Dragon

Wisdom of Pearl
Air Dragon
© Green Bee Designs Inc.

119.0 mm by 208.9 mm
34,477 stitches
Frame is 149.6 mm by 239.2 mm
8,938 stitches

 These designs and the resulting wall quilt are dedicated to my dear friend and mentor, Pearl Garvey.  When last I saw Pearl she was so proud to be an octogenarian and was still on the go. Although 30 years my senior Pearl could out do two of me. Pearl was born in a ‘Soddy’ (a small log house built into a hillside with sod on the roof) in Saskatchewan and had a lifetime of hard work and knowledge to share with anyone who cared to soak it up. You couldn’t leave Pearl without her giving you something she had made, or grown from her huge garden. Fresh baked bread or recently churned butter were a couple of my favorites. These designs and their meaning just seemed appropriate for Pearl.

You can see a picture of the Black Satin Wall Quilt in the Marathon Canada catalog all stitched with Marathon Metallic Threads. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have the Green Wall Quilt as Pearl passed away (2003) before I could give it to her.

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