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GBD103 Small Outline Dragon Set

GBD103 Small Outline Dragon Set
"WOP Outline Dragons Quilt Set" "0 Working Sacarcrow Quilt" "0 Working Scarecrow 00" "0 Working Scarecrow 01" "0 Working Scarecrow 02" "0 Working Scarecrow 03" "0 Working Scarecrow 04" "0 Working Scarecrow 05" "0 Working Scarecrow 06" "0 Working Scarecrow 07" "0 Working Scarecrow 08" "0 Working Scarecrow 09" "0 Working Scarecrow 10" "0 Working Scarecrow" "1 Kiddy Animals 01" "1 Kiddy Animals Bunny" "1 Kiddy Animals Chick" "1 Kiddy Animals Crab" "1 Kiddy Animals Crocodile" "1 Kiddy Animals Elephant" "1 Kiddy Animals Fish" "1 Kiddy Animals Frog" "1 Kiddy Animals Giraffe." "1 Kiddy Animals Kitten" "1 Kiddy Animals Lion" "2 Kiddy Animals 02" "2 Kiddy Animals Owl" "2 Kiddy Animals Panda" "2 Kiddy Animals Penguin" "2 Kiddy Animals Pig" "2 Kiddy Animals Puppy" "2 Kiddy Animals Sea Horse" "2 Kiddy Animals Serpent" "2 Kiddy Animals Turtle" "2 Kiddy Animals Whale" "2 Kiddy Animals Zebra" "3 Kids Shadow Animals 01" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Bunny" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Cat" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Chicken" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Cow" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Deer" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Fox" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Lamb" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Lion" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Mouse" "3 Kids Shadow Animals Octopus" "4 Kids Shadow Animals 02" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Owl" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Panda" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Penguin" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Pig" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Pony" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Porcupine" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Puppy" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Teddy Bear" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Whale" "4 Kids Shadow Animals Zebra"

Wisdom of Pearl
Outline Dragons
© Green Bee Designs Inc.

I put these designs on the back of my Dragon Quilt.

They are so stunning when stitched out. All of the Redwork/Outline designs can be stitched out in a day and put together for a great wall quilt in no time at all. Or, they can be framed individually and hung in a grouping. There is nothing that is written in the law that says you can't stitch them in any colour of your choosing.

As you can see here, I have done them in Marathon Gold Metallic on Dark Green cotton. Gorgeous, just gorgeous, even more so on the Black Satin. You can see a picture of the Black Satin one in the Marathon Canada catalog.

Included in this "Outline" set
Outline Golden Dragon (The split uses both the 150 x240mm hoop
and the 150mm by 360mm hoop)
Outline Air Dragon, Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon & Water Dragon
Colour PDF’s & Instructions for Split Dragon 

These Designs Are Only Offered In The Following Formats

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Our price: $11.00
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